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T.Sharabidze:To the Intertextual Relationship of Georgian and American Romanticism

Georgian romanticists were not familiar with American literature. However, Georgian and American romanticists have much in common. These ‘common’ features are primarily manifested in the peculiarities of depiction and the transcendentalism of the pression of feelings. In this respect, resemblance is obvious between Georgian Nikoloz Baratashvili and American Edgar Poe.

Both poets are withdrawn in their inner poetic ‘self’, they do not reflect the outside world, but the subjective feeling evoked by this world. This feeling is so infinite that it does not obey to the control of reason, it is not fragmented and therefore it often opposes fate. But the strongest resemblance existing between these two poets is expressed thematically. Both poets are in search of the essence of man and of doing one’s duty.

N. Baratashvili and E.Poe have common symbolic perception, which is confirmed by the most significant symbols for their work: raven (impediment to human elevation), rider (lyrical hero, struggling for spiritual elevation), dawn (a sign of elevation).

The area towards which both poets are striving is named differently in their poems, but it is one and the same. For Baratashvili it is ‘heaven’, it is the land beyond the ‘border of fate’, it is ‘the end of the sky’; for Poe it is the dreamland, ‘over the mountains, of the moon’, the inaccessible area, ‘Eldorado’. Neither the rider of ‘Merani’ by Baratashvili nor ‘the gallant knight’ of E.Poe are frightened by the obstacles, bad weather, tiresome paths, because their goal is very great. The only difference is that the rider of ‘Merani’ makes more concessions, leaves his homeland, parents, beloved, friends, becomes a homeless pilgrim, is ready to shorten his life; in E.Poe’s work tragedy is not achieved by the sharpness of the patriotic feeling, it is conveyed by permanency – spending the entire lifetime in the process of searching.

The lyrical hero fails to achieve his goal in the work of both poets, but this is not main for the American and the Georgian poets. With Baratashvili the main thing is the striving in order to attain this goal, whereas with Poe it is the moving, not stopping, eternal searching for the dreamland (“Dreamland”).

The existence of a literary parallel between N.Baratashvili and E.Poe (when it is impossible to speak about their creative influence) should be explained taking into account the essence of romanticism as well as by the affinity of the inner world of the two poets.

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