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T.Paichadze:Literary mystification of Cherubina de Gabriak and Elene Dariani as a Symbolic Paradigm

The emergence of Elene Darian in Georgian literary life of the twenties, her independent views and undisguised moods created a sensation. In spite of several brief comments made later about Elene Darian’s personality mystification lasted for 12 years and advanced in popularity. This was not only a successful event of the first Georgian literary mystification but creative transformation, unique example of artistic self-expression when a male made an attempt to explain female’s intimate nature, her inner psychological structure, penetration into her inner world, rendering of the past experience in verse. Naturally, proceeding from this, it would be also even more difficult-to-notice the fact that that other poetic creations produced by the author of these verses Paolo Iashvili by their poetic form, artistic accessories and style, resemble each other so much. The verses of the Darian cycle were not a desire of literary performance as an end in itself, the purpose of their creation is to be sought in Paolo Iashvili’s personality.

Although the “Darian” poetry had no other precedent in Georgia, it had more than one predecessor and contemporary in the world literature. As an example we can list known or less known for the history of literature examples of mystification. Particularly, Pushkin’s known mystification which is associated with the name of English writer Chenston and named him as an author of the “Miserly Knight”. There can be also mentioned Prosper Merimee’s “Illyrian Poems” which were called folk by the author and later its victim became Pushkin himself with his translation”Songs of the Western Slavs” as well as Merimee’s “The Theatre of Clara Gazul” with invented Clara Gazul’s biography; P.Vyazemsky’s known mystification – Ommer de Gell’s “Letters and Notes”; Aleksei Tolstoy’s and brothers Zhemchuzhnikov’s “Kozma Prutkov. It is worth mentioning Valery Brusov, Anrey Bely and Nina Petrovskaya relations made into myth, Brusov’s novel which gave rise to the “Fire Angle’ or Blok’s mythological love story –image of Lidia Mendeleeva based on Soloviev’s “Eternal Feminine” cult in the cycle of verses “Wonderful Lady”. To similar phenomenon can be referred 17-th century French poet Deforg Maiar whose creation transformed from average possibilities into remarkably refined and high artistic images in the verses published under the name of a woman poet poetess Malkre de Vinne. There should be mentioned the poetess Louise Lalanne invented by Gijon Apoliner in 1909.

Of special attention is Cherubina de Gabriak originated by Elizaveta Dmitrieva and her friend Maximilian Voloshin who by her emotional drama or poetic mood can be considered Elene Darian’s sister. Cherubina was born several years before Elene Darian (1909) in literature but in spite of remarkable popularity and fragile poetic taste her personality lived in poetry for only 2-3 month and manifested herself rather quickly. Besides this, unlike Elene Darian, Cherubine de Gabriak’s poetry was created by a woman and comparatively short-lived, although a kind of impulse of these verses can be revealed in “Elene Darian’s Diaries’. We can suppose that Elene Darian is personally close to Cherubina de Gabriak’s fragile and perfect soul but not as much as Ana Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva’s poetry.

Literary mystification in Georgian poetry found its conceptual support in philosophical doctrines of symbolists the “spiritual father” - Vladimir Soloviev: “False spirituality is a denial of the flesh, true spirituality is the regeneration of the flesh, its salvation, its resurrection from the dead”. E.Lann also marked love for mask in literary mystification, wish for literary performance”. Remy de Gourmont in “The Book of Masks” points out the aim of self-expression of a creator with artistic soul –“…Individualism in literature, freedom of creativity, denial of studied statements, striving for all new, unusual, even strange”. In our view, the creation of Elene Darian’s mythological and symbolic image can be explained by this quotation.

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