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M.Toria:Anthropology of Time: “Other Times” or Temporal Plurality in Medieval Georgian Culture

The presentation aims at considering the problem of time perception in medieval Georgian society, which is reflected in historiography tradition, in the framework of anthropological perspective. Perception of time is a fundamental characteristic of culture. It is supposed that, there can hardly be found a feature of culture expressing its essence better than it being manifested in the conception of time. The experience of time permeates everyday life. Time is multi-faceted and humans’ life is full of references to it. The plurality of time perception in every culture reflects categories and rhythms of social life. Anthropologists examine the peculiarities of time perception in every society through participant-observation research strategy. Despite the fact that, it is impossible to gain a close and intimate familiarity with past society, one can consider the various issues regarding such society on the basis of anthropological approach. So, with the help of this approach it is quite real to reveal in medieval Georgian historiography tradition - “Kartlis Tskovreaba”’ the medieval Georgian society’s collective attitude towards time. These texts reflect the mentality of medieval people and we just need to view them from a different and nontraditional standpoint.

Generally, In the Middle Ages in Christian World and also in Georgia collective attitudes towards time fitted into the Christian context. Respectively, social time was controlled by Church. But, Judeo-Christian conception of time was not the only and universal understanding of time in this period. Medieval society perceived time in various and different ways. Georgian historical texts reflected various forms of time perception. For example, mythological view of time which existed before introducing Christianity in Georgia; time of nature and other various forms of time understanding depending on local contexts; also a human’s attempt to act on time. All these forms revealed in texts indicate to temporal plurality in medieval Georgian society.

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